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Below are links to legislatures passed/proposed by Vaginal Vampires across the United States.


Paul Ryan's Budget
“The budget proposal put forth by Paul Ryan is a vicious and cruel all-out attack on everyone under the age of 55, but the cuts to Medicare and Medicaid that the Ryan plan propose would be felt in a particularly acute way by women, who make up more than half of the beneficiaries of both programs, and women retire closer to the poverty line than men do. Women who are alone, who either never married or who are divorced or widowed and never remarried are particularly vulnerable." (Quoted from article)

De-funding of Planned Parenthood

What's Happening Across the Country:

Indiana - "Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, a Republican, signed legislation May 10 barring any entity that performs abortions, including Planned Parenthood, from contracting with Medicaid to provide health and preventive care. The American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood sued; a court hearing is set for June 6."
(Quoted from article)

Tennessee - “This month, Tennessee Senate committee passed a budget bill with an amendment to deny funds to the organization, which dates to the 1916 opening of the nation's first birth control clinic in Brooklyn. A competing amendment, however, could nullify that measure.” 
(Quoted from article)

- “Legislation pending in the Texas Senate would prohibit Planned Parenthood from delivering services under the state's Women's Health Program. It contains a provision that would dissolve the program if Planned Parenthood sues in court and wins.” 
(Quoted from article)

Kansas - “The Kansas Legislature passed a budget this month that includes an amendment ending family-planning funding for Planned Parenthood. 'I would not want one penny of my tax dollars going to fund an organization that does a public harm,' says Mark Gietzen, board chairman of the Kansas Coalition for Life.”
(Quoted from article)

North Carolina - “The North Carolina House passed a budget this month to bar the state from giving Planned Parenthood grants or contracts.”
(Quoted from article)

New Hampshire

Anti-Abortion and Harassment Legislation:
Defending abortion providers
Harassment against abortion providers

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