Vaginal Vampire

Vaginal Vampire –  (VagVamp – slang, link, label)

Any person, group of people, or organization that through their speech, writings, and/or actions are implicitly attempting to control, direct, and/or subjugate a woman’s inherent rights to the control of her body, her mind, her sexuality, and medical choices made between her and her doctor. Most of these Vaginal Vampire attacks are veiled in authoritarian religious dogma and conservative political rhetoric in an attempt to steal and control the power of the Womb and/ or Woman. This is accomplished through the demonizing of birth control, abortion, Planned Parenthood, the dumbing down and/or elimination of sexual education, the defining down of the violent crime of rape, the propagation of abstinence only, and the theft of a women’s rights of equality. The tactics employed to accomplish these goals run the gamut from intimidation, fear, propaganda, terror, violence, and murder/assassination.

As with imaginary vampires, these Vaginal Vampires gain their power, wealth, notoriety, and prestige among their peers and the media by employing deceit, propaganda, and out right lies to suck the lifeblood from women who are making their own religious, moral, and heart wrenching decisions based on their individual medical and health circumstances.

VagVamp’s consider no measure of action to be too vile or contemptible, not even terrorism or murder, to attain their most reprehensible ends. It also appears that those most concerned with a woman’s womb are way at the back of the pack in the caring and support after that child is born. This manifests itself in their unrelenting promotion of the cutting of early child health care, pre-natal care, head start, education, Planned Parenthood, and food programs, just to mention a few.

Definition Above, Commentary Below

As a man who will never ever be in the situation of having an abortion, it really seems that this might be better handled as a Women's issue for women to resolve.

Find below a link to a list of these Vaginal Vampire organizations, a link to their disgusting statements, and a link to proposed and enacted legislative bills.

Please don’t hesitate to define any of these sites with the VagVamp link in their comment or discussion sections or e-mail us info on a person, organization, statement, or bill that should be added to the list. We will forward them notification that they have been officially nominated as a Class FU Vaginal Vampire.

It is time to bring these f…ing slimy excuses for human beings into the light, one of the two sure methods of destroying their evil Vaginal Vampire souls. The most unfortunate component of this educational exercise is that too many people will wear the label of Vaginal Vampire with some sort of perverted pride.

(A person’s religious faith and beliefs can be sustenance to their own life if they choose, but that faith has to be theirs, not mine.)
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