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Discuss rape.
Don't let the Right-Wing re-define rape.

"Right-wing blogger Robert McCain thinks this is 'unadulterated nonsense,' and provides this handy warning to all of his future dates: 'You buy the ticket, you take the ride.'" (Quoted from article)

“If you have insurance that covers abortions, you cannot receive any federal subsidies in any form.
Money in tax-exempt savings accounts can’t be used for abortion, either.” 
(Quoted from article)

“Right-wing authoritarianism is an important factor in understanding why people accept rape
myths..”  (Quoted from article)

In 1996, Scooter Libby wrote a novel titled "The Apprentice,' which has recently gained new
attention. A New Yorker columnist reprinted passages describing extremely graphic scenes of
pedophilia, bestiality, rape and incest. One particular scene describes the rape of a young girl
by a bear. These scenes are too lurid to be posted on this site, however, you can read the New
Yorker article here.

Aggressive Women, Rape Myths, And Abortion Realities.

GA State Rep.: There’s No Such Thing as a Rape Victim.

Rape is like a flat tire??


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